My Little Story

I’m an insightful, serene, and a devoted,Wildlife Photographer/Traveler and an IT professional from Mumbai, India. I’m here writing about my website which showcases my breathtaking collection of wildlife illustration, which otherwise regular people do not get a chance to see. All these pictures are taken in the wonderstruck environment and have given me loads of spectacular memories.

My interest in wildlife photography started when I first visited Tadoba Wildlife reserve in 2007 , and the moment I laid my eyes on the wild, untamed and fascinating wild Tiger, I knew I was gonna be obsessed with this creation of God.I have visited most of India’s tiger reserves and have managed to get unbeatable shots.

The proudest moments of my life are:

  • My exhibition of wildlife photos in Maharashtra.
  • 2 picture displayed in NCPA art gallery in 2010
  • In 2010 Won All India Photographic Trades & Industry Association Awards For Best Photograph category: Nature and Creative Candid
  • In 2011 a slide show organised by photo-orb.
  • Many photos have been selected for local papers and online blogs.

On weekdays, you’ll usually find me Working as a Digital Producer in an agency. On the weekends I like to go for trekking , meet new people and try to be close to nature.

My idea for perfect day would start with me waking up to the sunrise on an undisturbed mountain in my tent and then witnessing as much as possible wild creatures in their natural habitat (of course without me getting in their way) and ending my day with a self-content feeling of absolute happiness of SURVIVING INTO THE WILD.

My dreams for the future are to travel the entire globe and make the most of my life while I’m still alive. So what am I doing to achieve those dreams? Well, how about earning enough for traveling for starters. And also, I’m trying to convert my passion into my profession.

A wise man once said that “If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”.